A Quick Update on Playa Del Carmen Since New Years (Video)

It’s been hard work since the beginning of year but incredibly rewarding.  Not much time for blog articles so I thought I’d post a quick update with a small teaser video and attach a promise that there’s more coming 🙂

My Dive Master group are all qualified Emergency First-aid Responders. Yes, folks I can cure what ails you, sort of, well at least keep you alive until the professionals arrive… mostly…

Phil and I have finished 2 weeks of Spanish Lessons.  Our Spanish is a little better but that’s not saying much considering before the lessons it was none existent!  But it’s a start and will help give us a basis to learn more.  They also took the time to share some of the South American traditions over the New Year:

New Years Eve and New Years day was a lot of fun.  We went to dinner at a local place called El Fogon and were home by 21:30.  The plan was to go to one of the Dive Instructors house to see in the New Year.  Unfortunately we fell asleep and woke up at 23:40.  We rushed down to the beach and celebrations started again from there.

Other than that it’s been diving, diving diving.  It’s all about learning, gaining experience and learning some more.  We’ve done a lot of diving in swimming pools (currently nursing an ear infection from said pools), plenty of diving in the ocean and a small amount of diving in cenotes.  I have an awesome blog post on the cenotes dive so stay tuned folks!

For now here’s a small taster of around Playa Del Carmen and some of the diving. The video looks much better if you set it to HD!

4 thoughts on “A Quick Update on Playa Del Carmen Since New Years (Video)”

  1. hi guys!!
    Looks amazing and like you’re having a blast 🙂
    Sending you lots of Brasilian love and wishing your ear a speeding recovery 👍
    Erin xx

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    1. Hey Erin,
      Thanks 🙂
      It’s been pretty awesome so far.
      Looks like your adventure has been just as cool too! Maybe a collaboration or a guest article is in our future hehe 😀


    1. Happy new year Andreas 🙂
      The party was great! For some people here its still going because the BPM festival just finished. Seems like theres always a good excuse for a party here 🙂


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