AurumLight – 2015 Milk Calendar – SPLASH HEROES – Available for Order

A project I had the privilege and pleasure to have worked on. Learnt a lot, worked with great people and had a lot of fun. Keep an eye out for Jarek’s workshops. It’s the best value workshop you can attend for what you get out of it.

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Hey Everyone!

We are very happy to present to you today our Limited Edition of
2015 MILK Calendar – SPLASH HEROES!

But before we go into details I need to acknowledge that we were very moved by your reaction to last year’s calendar “MILKY PINUPS 2014”.
I would like to say thank you to everyone who purchased a copy or shared a kind word!
It means the world to us and makes our work possible!

Milky Pinups was well received and in effect became a national Ad Campaign in USA for Coca Cola’s Fairlife Milk and we couldn’t have been happier about it!


SPLASH HEROES 2015 – The Concept

This time we wanted to make a very relaxed and colourful series… simply, something really cool!

Since the Milky Bamboo Forest Fight Shoot we knew we wanted to come back to that idea and explore colours in liquids…

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