First Impressions Of Playa Del Carmen

It’s Far From The UK!

Actually it isn’t really.  The 11 hour flight with Thomas Cook, even filled with screaming children, wasn’t that bad.  There was enough leg room, decent music playlists, a couple of free movies to watch and we smiled smugly at the people that had paid the extra for a meal which looked decidedly grim!  Even the hour transfer from Cancun Airport to Playa Del Carmen wasn’t that bad.  I’d highly recommend the ADO bus service.  Cheap, efficient and super comfy, which was confirmed by Phil who snoozed the whole way.  Only down side was the baggage guy literally hurling our luggage into the luggage hold of the bus while we stood praying to the gods that everything arrived in one piece… Breakables to be carried on-board!

It’s Commercial as Hell!

But it also isn’t…  The walk from bus station to hostel was straight down Quinta Avenida (5th Avenue).  It was completely commercial with McDonalds, Starbucks and everyone trying to sell you something every 5 steps.  Once in the hostel it was a very laid back, slightly run down and completely chilled.  A later scout around for dinner and supplies led us to a local Taco place… Result!  It was all open next to the street, filled with locals, only Spanish menu, only Spanish speaking staff and the food was being cooked on a grill in the middle of the room. We arbitrarily went for the large, soft tacos and we weren’t disappointed.  They tasted amazing and cost less than £3.00 each.  This gives me hope that there is still some good local life and culture to be found here for those willing to take the time to look.

People are Friendly

The Little Tea Pot, The lady behind the counter was really helpful.
The Little Tea Pot,
The lady behind the counter was really helpful.

Since telling people we’re coming to Mexico there has been no end to the warnings and war stories from friends and colleagues about being ripped off.  Seems to me on the whole, as long as you’re street smart, it’s safe and the people are warm, friendly and helpful.  Security Guards out the front of banks, shops etc.. all smile and say hola.  Even the guys trying to coax you into their stores have friendly and original ways of doing so which if nothing else it gives you a laugh.

The Beach is Amazeballs!!

Clear skies, blue seas and white sand that’s soft as flour.  I need say no more on this really.  God I’ve missed the beach.

First glimpse of the beach
First glimpse of the beach

The Fact We’re Here for 5 Months Hasn’t Sunk in Yet  

It really hasn’t.  I guess it will as we start to get stuck into SCUBA training, finding a more permanent place to live and doing the mundanities of life such as shopping for food.

Until Next Time

As the first full day draws to an end we hear the call of the cerveza shouting our names… Adiós Amigos!

Dos Cervezas
Dos Cervezas

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